Plagued by neomania, across all disciplines.

Consequently, it seems prudent to be minimalistic on possessions in general (probably easiest to treat the money as written off the second it leaves your account), but "maximalistic" on those which double up as scarcity bets, where you believe you have better information than the average market participant. Especially as the scarcity value of currency continues to rapidly erode away, is there anything else worth including in a portfolio apart from these bets, and productive assets?

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Literally every non-productive asset, physical or digital, depreciates over time. Unless you can beat the market in predicting a future scarcity-driven demand spike.

"Boring activities become, perversely, much less boring if you concentrate intently on them." - David Foster Wallace

"The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken."

Book review - Goliath: The 100-Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy

First project using React Hooks. Really impressed, a great low-level building block that's declarative and composable. Feels much more elegant than classes/HOCs/render props, and already been able to simplify some stateful component patterns even further.

Nice to see solid progress being made on Mastodon's cross-instance account migration feature: -- essential for it to be considered truly decentralised imo.

The "hot backup" solution is even more interesting, but not holding my breath on that one...

This might well be the creepiest #Google page ever: All the purchases a user has ever done. If the user receives a confirmation email for a purchase they made, the user is not notified that Google collected and displays this piece of information in this page. There is no explanation why they are collecting all the purchases in one page, and apparently there is no way to opt out of this or even delete the purchases from the list.

The year is 2019 and I can’t buy a good majority of consumer technology because we lack privacy legislation and consumer protections. Example: it’s absurd that my TV came with spyware that can’t be turned off or avoided; I had to stop it from phoning home at the network level. It also came with an arbitration clause and a clause waiving the right to a class action lawsuit.

Not too keen on the Microsoft monoculture that's been forming in frontend dev. Write code in a MS language (TypeScript) using a MS editor (VSCode) and publish to a MS platform (GitHub).

Each of these brings very powerful network effects, making it harder for competitors to enter the market, even if they're open source.

Puts too much power in the hands of Microsoft, and is just paving the way for anticompetitive behaviour a couple of years down the line.

There's a good documentary on Fyre Festival available on Netflix. Have to wonder what compelled him to film so much of himself committing fraud?

While in the past it would have been fairly standard to learn something once and have that skill for life, with the rate of progress today (with technology, distribution of information, etc), the point at which a skill or knowledge becomes obsolete is rapidly accelerating.

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“How many ad blocks could an ad slinger block if an ad slinger could block blocks?

Google engineers have proposed changes to the open-source Chromium browser that will break content-blocking extensions, including various ad blockers … Adblock Plus will most likely not be affected”

PS. Guess who gets millions from Google not to block Google?

Hint: A_block _lus.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #Google #Chromium #Chrome #ChromeOS #Chromebook

It's interesting how many of my areas of knowledge are based on one intensive period of study, often many years ago. Even if it's something I put into practice daily, once the habits and mental models have been created, there's often no imperative to revisit the learning material, or keep up to date with changes in the field. Good for breadth, but concerning in some ways.

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