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"Whether one takes a hit of heroin to ease their suffering or compulsively checks social media, so long as the reward circuits of the brain are stimulated, an addiction can form."

So today we been to V&A game excibition. Was very good, highly recommending ;) one of the game really got into my mind. You play as an old lady visiting your husbands grave and I felt so sad ... games have very weird power indeed.

@adamchainz This is how it used to look that nightclub you danced in Vilnius. Some gif I made ages ago ;)

What I find not cool is the fact that most people think that using social networks is only their choice, without realising that they're helping create addiction and manipulation driven data. How many of your friends had to choose the network you're in and sell their data because they simply care how you're doing? This is one of these podcast who made me think about danger of technologies and social responsibility we have.

Thanks everyone who joined :) we will grow little by little, but keep in mind you can follow anyone who belongs to mastodon. There is many mastodon websites, this is just one of them ;)

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Only Mastodon users :) Come and have a free cup of tea with me ;)

Listening to , so he admitted that people just played a long rather the tricks was just that cool? Ehhh... I wished it was more magic then that ;)

No Logo

Step away from the walled gardens of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, whose raison d'être is to sell your data to the highest bidder, harvest your attention with addictive dark patterns, and bury the content you wanted to find in an "algorithmic" feed packed with ads.

Return to the pure intentions of social networks with the Mastodon instance, which will always remain decentralized on top of open protocols, community-owned, and ad-free.

Like with email, you can follow and communicate with users across other Mastodon instances, so the network is not under the control of any single centralised entity.

Not sure which Mastodon instance to sign up to? Don't worry - solid progress is being made on an account migration feature for Mastodon, allowing you to move your account and followers to a different instance.

Our name is a homage to Naomi Klein's 1999 book No Logo, which explores the dangers of corporatism.